Saturday, May 8, 2010

311BH The Blues and Other Esoteric Humors

This was a performance/visual piece I did with my friend Phillip that debuted* at last year's Fringe Wilmington (it's almost like there's a theme to these consecutive posts). I created photo collages for a number of diagnosis codes** (standard international system of diagnosis important for both clinical and billing functions), Phillip came up with a selection of piano music & the idea of filling the piano with ping pong balls (which were inscribed with codes) that I hit into the audience as a cutting edge diagnostic method, we had a second half where we played Operation - I wrote a script and constructed an onstage version of Operation - body and operating table, we put on bloodied (fake, um, really...) scrubs and performed our twisted little hearts out.

(No run-on sentences were actually harmed in the crafting of the preceding paragraph sentence.)

A video exists somewhere of the actual performance, but lacking that, here are my collages and some pictures - courtesy of my supercool father - that get some of it across.

* "debuted" makes it seem of so much more consequence
** You will doubt that some of these codes are real. They are, however, very real. Google the codes. See? Now you owe me a note of apology for doubting my word.

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  1. Ah, yes. Emetophilia. (And I forgot about those fabulous shoes!)